Sri Lanka is unique for it unspoiled beauty, hospitality and its rich culture. Buddhism was the corner stone during our rich history. So it’s no surprise that there will be ancient temples on top of mountains, may be swallowed up by the ocean and in each and every city. That is our culture.

Mulkirigala is one of the ancient temples which is situated in sri lanka souerthen provice.

This is the last cave temple found at Mulkirigala and the only Parinirvana Buddha image is found in this temple. This temple is dedicated to the last moments of the Gauthama Buddha with sculptures of grieving bikkus, Kings and Gods. The Cave temples numbering seven consists of Reclined Buddha , Seated Buddha and Standing Buddha Images, paintings of Buddhas, Arhaths, Gods and Jataka Stories.

Not only Mulkirigala there are plenty of other temples which you must explore before leaving Sri Lanka.

The temples remaining at present belongs to the Kandyan era and the Buddha images and many cave paintings depicts magnificent examples of Kandyan era arts and crafts.